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At LGC Clinical Diagnostics, we are committed to bringing you the latest products and services for your linearity and calibration verification testing needs.  Our team works hard to provide our customers with the most efficient and easy-to-use products the industry has to offer.  In this section you will find news about our latest products, company updates, appearances at tradeshows and conferences, and educational materials.

Understanding the When & How of Dilutions and Admixtures

Questions about dilutions and admixtures?

Kim Morin, Technical Support Specialist, has the answers. In this practical video, Dilutions and Admixtures using VALIDATE® Products, she covers:

  1. When to run dilutions
  2. The most common dilutions
  3. The best materials to use
  4. How to complete submission forms
  5. How results are presented, and more

If your facility decides that the VALIDATE® Level 1 value isn’t close enough to the lower AMR for an analyte, a dilution using Level 1 and manufacturer-recommended diluent can be performed. These dilutions can also be used if you want to extend the AMR beyond the manufacturer’s stated range. 

In cases where a facility determines that VALIDATE® Level 5 value isn’t close enough to the higher AMR, or to extend the AMR beyond manufacturer’s stated range, an admixture using Level 5 and a high sample can be performed to recover a higher level.

While we recognize these higher recovery admixtures are possible to perform, we don’t recommend them since they may not recover a linear response. 

In addition to providing more detailed information about the process, in the dilution video, Kim reviews:

Once your dilution form is submitted, our Technical Support Staff uses the information you provide to calculate the effective X for the new level created.

Need dilution recommendations?

LGC Clinical Diagnostics Technical Support can help! They’re available to provide recommendations with general recovered values based on theoretical calculations.

For the best recommendations, it’s important to provide mean recovered values of VALIDATE® Level 1 and 3 (if 1 is recovering non-numerical values, use 2 and 3) and the range of recovered values being targeted. 


Call 1-800-377-9684 or email MSC.techsupport@LGCGroup.com for your dilution recommendation.



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